KISS To Perform For Great White Sharks

Legendary rock band KISS is moving Rock City from Detroit to the Southern coast of Australia!

While humans will have the chance to buy a spot on the boat to watch, the event is mainly for the great white sharks. The first of its kind event has been dubbed "Shark Rock City" and will take place on November 18, 2019 in Port Lincoln. The boat will leave at 6:30 AM and head out to the Indian Ocean, which is one of the largest feeding grounds for great whites. Basically, it's the Chase Center for sharks. And as it turns out, great whites are drawn to lower frequencies, making them born metal-heads. The boat will have a glass bottom so both species of the KISS Army can rock out in harmony.

While there are many rock bands that could have attracted the sharks with low frequencies, it might have come off a bit corny. There's just something about KISS, specifically, playing to a crowd of sharks that sounds like the most hardcore event in history. Only a band that spits blood and blows fire could convince me they have fans across multiple species. Although, I'm not sure Gene Simmons will want to do his famous blood spitting solo for this particular crowd.

You can find more information about tickets for the once-in-a-lifetime event here.

Photo: Getty Images

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