San Francisco's Church Of 8 Wheels May Be Demolished For New Housing

San Francisco's beloved and one-of-a-kind roller rink Church of 8 Wheels may no longer exist.

The abandoned church, turned roller skating rink, on Fillmore Street was notified that the property is being sought after for potential housing development, reports San Francisco Chronicle.

However, this isn't news for the building owner Rev. David Miles Jr. When the Church of 8 Wheels first started, Miles was told by the landlords that he only had about two years before the property was developed.

"This has been fantastic. I don't ever want it to end," said Miles.

And hopefully, it won't have to end. Miles is already looking for another empty church in the Bay Area that might be able to host roller-skating events. Apparently, they aren't hard too hard to find and a closed school called Star of the Sea in Richmond and an empty church in the Mission District are both contenders.

Head to the Church of 8 Wheels website to find out how you can take advantage of the original location before its fate is decided upon at a public hearing at City Hall on March 25th.

Photo: Getty Images

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