Celebrate Women's History Month With iHeart 80's!

All month long, we're celebrating the amazing ladies of iHeart80's and more!

Get to know your favorite radio hosts below. Plus, see important messages dedicated to all of the women out there! More to come throughout the month!

"I draw strength from knowing we are walking alongside Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Pat Benatar, Debbie Harry, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Patti Smith, Cher, Ronnie Spector, The Go-Go’s, Loretta Lynn, Janet Jackson, Ann and Nancy Wilson, Joan Jett, Annie Lennox and so many inspiring women who triumphed in fulfilling their creative visions. Take my hand, I’ll take yours let’s journey together. We are sisters doing it for ourselves!" - Martha Quinn

Not only are we celebrating the amazing women of iHeartRadio San Francisco, we’re honoring women from A-Z!

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