National Parks Service Proposing Parking Lot Fee's In San Francisco Parks

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Photo: Getty Images

San Francisco and Marin County will soon be asking people to pay for parking in several areas after the National Parks Service proposed a parking fee for views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Right now parking in the following areas is free but could start charging $3 per hour from 8am to 5pm:

  • Baker Beach Lots
  • Merrie Way (Lands End Lookout) Lot
  • Sutro Heights Lot
  • Navy Memorial Lot & adjacent NPS roadway
  • China Beach Lot
  • Northwest Commuter Lot
  • Rodeo Beach & Fort Cronkhite Lots
  • Stinson Beach Lot

If the proposal is approved, the county will start charging as early as next year. According to The National Park Service, the fees will help fund trash and custodial services, repair and replace damaged signs on trails, roads, and parking lots.

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