Dutch Mendenhall, CEO & Co-Founder Of RAD Diversified

Former Baseball coach at University of San Francisco, a top Division I team. He began his business career as an executive recruiter in a billion dollar company specializing in commercial real estate and banking. He excelled in less than 12 months to become the # 1 producer in the entire company.

Dutch Mendenhall is a loving father and husband. He currently runs 4 real estate investment funds. He creates positive returns every year for his investors. Dutch is a gifted visionary who has very different beliefs than the average fund manager/leader. He has made his investors millions of dollars and in real estate circles is thought of as a step ahead, a step above, and a step beyond what others are doing. He believes in taking care of people first: investors, the team of people that drive the funds, vendors, contractors, tenants, and many more. The constant is “Creating Consistent Goodwill for the Business. “His decade of experience in investing is coupled with a decade of consulting real estate companies. Dutch’s experience includes residential, commercial-assets, low-income housing, luxury-housing, assisted-living, self-storage, and apartments.

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