Steve Harvey Slammed For Shaming 'Family Feud' Player's Inappropriate Guess

Photo: Getty Images

Steve Harvey has been hosting Family Feud for 13 years, so you would think in that time, he'd be used to the types of questions asked on the game show, but the comedian continues to be shocked, or perhaps pretend to be shocked, when contestants give answers that are on the raunchier side. Previously, those more NSFW types of guesses have stunned the host, made the audience gasp and even had Steve stop the show, all of which viewers found funny. However, Steve's reaction to an inappropriate answer on a recent episode has upset some fans.

It happened when the host asked a player named Tracy, "When people fall asleep at night, tell me something that they're still clutching in their hands." A nervous Tracy responded, "I really don't want to say it, but, themselves." Steve looked at her, then pointed to the the show's name on the back of the card in his hand, specifically the word "Family." He stated, "Family Feud," accenting the word "Family" and adding, "People watching this in the daytime."

It turned out though that her answer was on the board as "appendage." Confused, Steve just stared at the board for a moment then turned around and questioned, "What is appendage?" The clip was shared to the show's Instagram.

The funny scene bothered some viewers though, who commented on the Instagram post about how Steve had no right to criticize a contestant over a suggestive answer. They wrote things like, "The questions leave little to no room for kid friendly thoughts," and, "U ask this types of question n still say it's FAMILY feud," and, "Then why do you form the questions like that!?"

They aren't wrong either - a post from just a few days earlier is even more risque. See what else has happened on the show by scrolling through their Instagram.

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