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5 Ways Thieves Steal Your ATM Pin And How To Prevent It

5 Ways Crooks Capture Your ATM Pin And How To Prevent It

Thieves are constantly trying to figure out clever ways to steal your money and ATM’s are a hotbed of bad behavior. There are about 5 ways that card pins are stolen at an ATM. Here are some signs to watch out for.

#1- False fronts on the cover of an ATM.

#2- Card “skimmers” these are devices that are usually attached to the card reader slot and can steal your bank info.

#3- A “Lebanese loop,” these small devices are usually made out of plastic and have a small barb on the back to hold your card into the machine allowing thieves to access your info.

#4 Hidden cameras, be on the lookout for cameras that could record your pin keystrokes or other sensitive information

#5- ATM number pad overlays- these keyboards can be laid on top of the actual ATM keypad to gather your pin code. 

A few ways to keep your PIN code and bank info safe is to change your password often, protect your pin with your hand at the ATM and never choose a pin based on personal info like your birthday or address.

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