Purchase A Red White & Blue Piñata Filled With Booze For 4th Of July

photocredit: gettyimages

4th of July is right around the corner!

To celebrate, you can now purchase the Freedom Donkey! It's a red, white and blue piñata that comes with booze! On the outside, it's shaped like a donkey and features red, white and blue paper stripes. Inside you'll find 50-mililiter bottles that include Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, one Jim Beam Whisky, three Deep Eddy Vodka, two Smirnoff Vodka, one Jose Cuervo Silver, one Jose Cuervo Gold, one Captain Morgan Rum, and one Bacardi Rum bottle.

It also comes with assorted candies like Skittles, Starburst, Gummy Lifesavers, Dots and Dum Dum Lollipops!

You can order one for $89.99! click here for more info!