Adele released another song from her upcoming album. Listen and Watch here.

Adele debuted a new song, "Hold On," ahead of the release of her latest album, "30."

The song can be heard in an Amazon holiday commercial that shows a young girl walking through a subway station and then into the light to her school friends. She is also seen studying and sitting alone on a park bench.

A voiceover says, "In other news, cases of anxiety in young adults are rising as experts warn of the effects on well-being caused by the pandemic."

I love that we are not only finally talking about these feelings so many of us have, superstars like Adele are singing about them and sharing her struggles through her music!

Here are some of the lyrics: "I swear to God I'm such a mess, the harder I try I regret / Every day feels like the road I'm on, might just open up and swallow me whole. Let time be patient / Let pain be gracious / Just hold on, just hold on / I will survive,"

Adele's album "30" drops on November 19th!

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