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If you love cheese as a late night snack, we have the job just for you!

There’s a lot of wisdom out there about how food impacts sleep.

A glass of warm milk will put you to sleep. Eating a big sausage will give you the meat sweats.

Another popular connection between food and sleep is that if you eat cheese right before bed, you will not sleep well.

Sleep Junkie, however, wants better evidence than your grandfather’s anecdotes.

The sleep science and review platform is looking for what it calls "dairy dreamers." It will pay them $1,000 each to eat a variety of cheeses before bed over the course of three months. Those dreamers will record their sleep quality, dreams, and energy levels with a smartwatch and written reports. The company hopes to determine if cheese impacts sleep in a study that looks a bit small to give conclusive results but will offer some insight into cheese sleep.

They’re looking to discover "if there’s any truth in the commonly held belief that eating cheese before bed has a negative impact on sleep quality, and whether it increases the chance of nightmares."

To apply, you need to be at least 21, and "honest, with good writing skills," and a love of cheese and sleep.

You also have to have your own smartwatch or fitness tracker, a consistent sleep schedule, no dairy/lactose intolerances, and the ability to sleep alone throughout the trials.

You’ll have to throw your hat in the ring by February 10 in order to be paid to eat cheese and sleep.

In addition to the $1,000, Sleep Junkie says it will reimburse test subjects for their new cheese habit.

It has never been a better time to love cheese sleep.

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