Wellness Shot: Got Text Neck? Here's How To Fix It

My daughter Annabelle inspired the idea for today's Wellness Shot when she came home from yoga class and said her instructor told her she had text neck-from looking down at her phone too much!

I started looking into it and saw an amazing statistic on Healthline.com, that we spend about 5 hours a day looking at our phones! That's usually with our heads forward, shoulders rounded and backs slumped, giving us that droopy text neck. This posture causes muscle strain, pain, even dysfunction in our shoulders and backs!

There are really simple exercises you can do like The Pigeon Neck. This is an easy can-do-it-anywhere exercise, even in your car. Looking forward pull your chin straight back, keeping your chin level with the ground not tilted up or down, so your head pulls back between your shoulders. It’s a small movement but you can really feel your shoulders and back working. 

Click the link below for more text neck exercises!

If you have a Wellness Shot topic you’d like to hear more about, let me know in the comments below!

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