Wellness Shot: What Is The Black Hole & Why Do We Care?

What’s the big deal about the black hole pictures??

First of all, props to Albert Einstein, he came up with the black hole theory, the idea that gravity can bend the fabric of space and time, in 1915-when we were still driving Model T Fords!

Second, imagine getting a photograph of something…more than 50 million light-years from Earth! I can’t comprehend how far that is but I know I can barely take a picture of my dog in the living room so it’s amazing that an algorithm created by 29-year old Katie Bouman, while she wasa graduate student at MIT, paved the way for this space-age image.

Third, even though a black hole is like amonstrous swirling cavern of gravity that would stretch you out like a massive piece of spaghetti if yuou fell into it, don’t worry! There’s no black hole close enough to inhale the earth into it's vortex.

For in-depth scientific analysis and explanations click here, but beware you don’t get sucked into the earthly black hole known as the internet!

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