Wellness Shot: Martha's Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Are you trying to decide what to gift your mom on Mother's Day?? Here are some ideas I feel make good gifts!

These are all available on Amazon Prime so if you order today, Thursday, they can get to Mom on time!

If your mom lives by herself this small Instant Pot could be perfect for her! You can cook for any kind of diet, and it’s super easy and safe to use. Click here for more!

Is your mom left-handed? I am and I think these left-handed cooking tools are awesome!

Orchids brighten up any home and they last a while, so your mom will be able to see your gesture blooming for at least a few weeks!

For a more earthy feel your mom might enjoy a succulent arrangement. This one has a cool vintage feel

or you might want to get a small succulent plant and pot it in a decorative glass, bowl, or mug that you find in a local shop. There are 4 in this pack which could be useful if you have a mother-in-law you need to shop for!

Most important is a card or a recited message to let your mom know why she’s your best mom ever.

Happy Mother’s Day from the Martha Quinn show!

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