Wellness Shot: How To Handle Taking Kids To A Wedding

I attended my niece's wedding over the weekend and there were a few kids running around. It got me thinking how busy it must be for the parents to handle them. So here are some tips on how to deal with kids at a wedding;

1.Double-check that your kid can go, not all couples invite kids…some couples request the ceremony be child-free but are happy to have your kids join the reception so be sure to know the specifics beforehand.

2.Bring some healthy snacks you know your child will eat so they don’t wind up hungry or just eating cake the whole night

3.If your child is a flower girl or ring bearer IN the ceremony make sure they are well-rested, have eaten and have used the restroom.

4.Know that your experience will be different from the child-free guests. Embrace that you might be looking at the garden gnomes or golf carts during the champagne toast knowing that’s being a parent and the little kid years go by in a flash.

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