Mixtape Of The Day: Songs Parodied By Weird Al Yankovic

Every day on iHeart80s @ 103-7 at 7:30amPT and 5:30pmPT you hear a mixtape, three songs played together specifically because they have something in common. For example Wednesday’s mixtape is 80s Songs Parodied by Weird Al, created by Mark who listens to our all-80s music radio station in Foster City, CA. For you to enjoy comparing the original versions next to the Weird Al parodies, I unleashed my inner MTV VJ self and put together this video tour of these awesome 80s songs!

Weird Al Eat It (Here’s some Martha Quinn trivia-sitting in for Eddie Van Halen’s legendary guitar solo is Weird Al’s producer Rick Derringer-rock legend himself as singer of “Hang On Sloopy” in the McCoys, and songwriter of his own 1970 hit Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo)

Weird Al Like A Surgeon (watch for Al’s hilarious recreation of some iconic moves from Madonna’s Burning Up video!)

If you have an idea for a mixtape (3 songs connected by a theme) you’d like to hear me play, send it in here to my Mixtape Suggestion page! Can’t wait to see yours. Thank you!

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