Oreo To Release Halloween & Christmas Cookies Soon

Early August means it's time to roll out the holiday-themed items, with Oreo set to release new cookies for Halloween and Christmas.

PopSugar says the "BOO!" Oreos, with its "5 spooky Halloween designs" and orange creme frosting, have already hit the shelves at Dollar General and will come to other chains soon.

Perhaps Santa will like Oreo's "JOY!" line, which Delish reveals will be ready in October. Those cookies will feature snowflakes, snowmen, and a penguin wearing a scarf. 

Over the weekend, the brand teased that Maple Creme Oreos were coming in "late August". Bustle notes those are already available on Walmart's website.

Did you know that Oreo's are vegan?? They are and they are one of Martha's favs!

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