Wellness Shot: How To Get The Most Out Of Back-To-School Night

How to get the most out of BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT

1.Know that back-to-school night is for you to get an overall feel for the teacher and how their classroom works.

2.Take any handouts the teacher prepared, or a picture of class information written on the board. You’ll appreciate it later especially if your child is in high school and you have a lot of teachers and classes to keep straight.

3.Get the teacher’s extra help times. When your child needs help on an assignment you already know when the teacher is available to provide extra guidance. Teacher help time is a best-kept-secret resource!

4.Make sure you have the teacher’s email address. After back-to-school night you can reach out with specific questions or issues concerning your child. You can also ask if they need anything in particular in the classroom. This is a great way to show your teacher support!

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