Slash On Guns N' Roses' Upcoming Plans

Slash sat down with Eddie Trunk on Monday, giving fans a bit of good news and shooting down a recent rumor.

It seems the Guns N' Roses guitarist may have let the band's upcoming plans slip, hinting that more than just a few festivals are on the books.

"So we're doing this one run starting with some dates in the States and a couple dates in Mexico at the end of this month into November. I think we have something coming up in March as far as touring is concerned," Slash told the host.

As for whispers that the band would give another track to the Terminator franchise, Slash reveals, "These rumors, they take off and then they get a life of their own. And you can't reel 'em in. They just sort of get tossed around in the wind. Anyway, but, yeah, so there's nothing in there, in that."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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