Metallica Announces Gigs At 5 Upcoming Festivals

Rock's most profitable act just won't take a break from earning more money. Metallica on Thursday revealed they've signed on to perform at five upcoming music festivals. What's more is they'll be appearing on two nights at each of them.

They festival dates, all of which are set for next year, are as follows: May 1st and 3rd -- the Epicenter Fest in Charlotte; May 8th and 10th -- Welcome to Rockville in Daytona Beach; May 15th and 17th -- Sonic Temple in Columbus; September 18th and 20th -- Louder than Life in Louisville; and October 9th and 11th -- Aftershock in Sacramento.

"And on Saturday, each member of Metallica will do a stand-up set at the comedy tent," drummer Lars Ulrich jokes. "As we like to hear ourselves say in Metallica, all our best years are still ahead of us. We’re just getting started."