Grateful Dead's Bob Weir Maintains Strict Workout Regimen At 72

It's been 60 years since Bob Weir and the late Jerry Garcia formed the Grateful Dead -- and the guitarist says he has been in such good physical shape since he was in his 20s.

Weir, 72, discusses his strict workout regimen in the new issues of Men's Health. "Exercise is something guys my age can do, and it will make an immense difference in what they call your golden years if grace and happiness are goals of yours," Weir says. "I remember looking in the mirror in my 20s and thinking, ‘Holy sh*t. I’m ripped!’ That was probably the peak of it. I’m getting to a place now where I’m rivaling that. I’m pretty happy with what I’ve got going now."

Weir, who continues to tour with Dead and Company, is so committed to staying in shape that he brings a trailer-full of workout equipment with him on tour. He says doing so is necessary because "at my age, if you let it go, it ain't coming back."

Photo Credit: Getty Imag

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