Wellness Shot: How To Prepare For Power Shutoffs & Register For Alerts

There may be some PG&E shutoffs where you live so here are some recommendations to prepare;

  1. If you haven't sign up for alerts. You can still do it and you might want to do so you won't be caught unprepared when the power goes out. CLICK HERE!! There's also a LOOK UP tool to see if your address will be impacted.
  2. Stock up on food that doesn't require cooking. I had a gas stove which worked last time but I was very thankful for my manual can opener.
  3. Stock up on water.
  4. Stock up on cash because ATM's can be down.
  5. Make sure you have pet and baby food.
  6. Practice manually opening your garage door.
  7. Make sure the gas tank in your car is filled.
  8. Have extra batteries around for your lamps.