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Welcome to Martha Quinn’s Totally Awesome Gift Guide! I’m your host, original MTV VJ Martha Quinn. Inspired by Oprah’s and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop gift guides I put together my own for you. Every item you see recommended is either owned by me personally or I personally have my eye on it! These are not “affiliate links” and I’ve tried to find the best prices.

You might be an 80s music fan who was with me when I was playing videos on MTV, or a new fan who’s discovered me through your love of the 80s and it’s music, or maybe we’ve recently met through my all-80s music radio station iHeart 80s @ 103-7. However our paths crossed thank you for checking out my Gift Guide!

There’s no doubt the staying power of 80s music has a lot to do with MTV, so I’m gonna start with an MTV gift! Hot Topic has a great selection of MTV shirts, I’m choosing this one to showcase because it was a classic holiday version of our logo. Too much is never enough!


You know that Boba tea your kids can’t get enough of? Check out this kit to make your own at home! Use almond, oat or soy milk to make your boba vegan. I’m ordering at least 3 of these kits. One for my daughter Annabelle, one for my make-up genius (her daughter looooooves boba tea!) and a spare kit to have on hand as an emergency gift or save for myself!!


If you catch The Martha Quinn Show (M-F 6-10amPT on iHeart 80s @ 103-7) you hear me chatting with Executive Producer Christie (who also brings you Bay Area traffic updates) and our Morning Show Producer Karena Velazquez. What you can’t see on the radio is Christie and Karena exude glamor, even rolling into the studio at 5:30am in jeans and hoodies. They know how to get the most beautiful nails, wear the perfect shade of lipstick and can draw wicked smooth eyeliner lines. For the beauty connoisseur in your life, an Ulta or Sephora gift card would be a highlight.

(Karena Velazquez, Christie James, and Martha Quinn)

My daughter Annabelle brings this Lush Lip Scrub to Martha Quinn’s Totally Awesome Gift Guide. She says, “It’s cruelty free and works miracles on dry lips to get all the dead skin off. Bonus relieves your temptation to bite at your dry lips. It contains jojoba oil so is very moisturizing.” I plan on asking Blitzen to put this in my stocking!


For the pups in your life I spied these adorable dog treats at Trader Joe’s! If you’re going to a party where a doggo lives, pick up these organic treats with the festive holiday packaging.


For this category I consulted my husband Jordan, also known by the Martha Quinn Show ladies as Tyson.

Tyson is often in need of a way to measure one space or another. Ceiling height for curtains, room length when ordering a table or couch, or the square footage of an area when you’re looking at rugs in a catalog. If someone in your life is in the real estate business, they need to measure rooms and this is an easy portable laser distance measure tool. Don’t ask me a thing about this I’ve never used it even once but Tyson, and my builder brother, uses this all the time and recommends it. Click Here!

Does your guy have a beard? Again I’m turning to my husband for advice, he likes this Honest Amish Beard Balm to make his beard softer and less itchy. Plus, my two cents, it smells great.


For the wine lover in your life a fine vintage of wine would be a totally acceptable gift, but I like these wine soaps as a twist!

Another great gift for the wine lover in your life is this Portovino Wine Tote. Bring your white wine (or whatever beverage you like cold or hot) to the beach in this insulated carrier and have it stay chilled/warm for your outing. Morning show producer Karena says this "wine bag is one of the best gifts she's ever received."


Have a coffee fanatic you’re looking to surprise and delight this holiday? First let me define:

coffee fanatic


Person who goes to sleep thinking about their morning coffee, and for whom the thought of being without said coffee makes them break out into a sweat and start plotting how to fulfill the coffee desire as soon as humanly possible.

One cataclysmic morning my coffee machine broke, right in the middle of making my morning cup. After frantically searching for any shred of left-over instant coffee I might have jammed in the cabinet, my husband and I had to jump in the car for an ambulance-style emergency run to Starbucks! This combination of portable coffee press with hand-grinder is a set any coffee fanatic will be buzzed to receive.

Include a stash of coffee for coffee fanatic bonus points. I like this Grizzly Claw quite a bit.


Did you ever charge your phone at an airport public USB station? Now experts say stop! Those charging stations may contain dangerous malware! Add that to the fact your phone is most likely covered in germs right at this very moment, this smartphone sanitizer and portable charger is the perfect gift for literally anyone in your life! Click here for more info!!


If you’re looking for culinary gifts, these three appliances are workhorses that still have the glitz of a new gadget. They’re the type of appliances you might be able to find great deals on this Cyber Monday. According to Business Insider Cyber Monday is a great time to shop for older generation models like these. My Instant Pot DUO60 6Qt, Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer and Vitamix Blender 750. They are working in my kitchen almost every. single. day. And each works as well today as when I bought them, when my now college-graduate daughter was in high school! This is a good thing especially for the Vitamix. It’s pricey. But lasts forever and you can blend anything in it.

First up The Instant Pot DUO60 6Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker. You might be tempted if you’re giving this as a gift to go with a newer blue tooth model but I honestly don’t think anyone needs Alexa to turn on the cooker it’s pretty easy to press the button. Really you need the pressure cooker to turn on and turn off. I never use any of the buttons or features like the rice cooker or yogurt maker. Warning if you receive this you may not use it for a while, even wonder if you should return it. Then one day you’ll throw a bunch of veggies in to make a “why not I’ll try it” soup. Which will lead to another (try baked potatoes!) and you, or the cook lucky enough to unwrap this, will be hooked. Especially since it can be set before a walk, and have dinner waiting when you get back.

The Vitamix Blender 750

Gwyneth Paltrow has a Virgin Galactic trip to space on her gift guide, I have a Vitamix blender! The big-ticket item on my list, it will be a jolly holiday for anyone lucky enough to have you present them with a Vitamix 750, even yourself! I got mine I don’t even know how many years ago. It still works perfectly and I use it which is a LOT. You can whip up smoothies, grind flax seeds, make banana “nice” cream, blend soups, blend vegetable drinks or cashew milk. My son makes his frozen berry with protein powder smoothies just about every day. The only problem is if you have what I call “consumption fever” this is not the right blender for you as it will likely never need a new one!

The Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer B6000

Did you ever go into a natural food store and order a fresh juice? One glass can be up $10.00 or more! Juicing is very healthy and when you do it at home it’s waaaaaay cheaper and tastes so much better. When I first got into juicing I was getting new a juicer almost every year, it’d be my annual Mother’s Day present. I started with the Juice Man juicer, then tried a few Omega juicers, mostly because I love to test out new products and try the new features. In 2014 I spied the wide chute of the Kuvings (much less chopping and cutting) and the low (60) RPM motor (doesn’t heat the juice, keeps the nutrients intact) I could not wait to try it. Your family will love the juice! The only downside to this Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer is it ended my run of ordering new juicers. I’ve never needed a new one! If you order from the website use code: BLACK to get 30% off, ends November 29!

Quick shout out to the Republic of Tea hibiscus/ blueberry tea in the background. If you want your kids (or you!) to drink more water you might find it’s much more easily accomplished if it’s flavored. This tea has a crazy ability to make your water almost have a red-vine flavor!. I pop a hibiscus/ blueberry tea bag in my water bottle and find I’m much more likely to stay hydrated. No sugar, completely naturally flavored.

The downside to my tea-bag-in-water-bottle system is It can be a drag digging out the tea bag from the bottom of the water bottle. If the gift maven wants to go an extra step accompany the tea with a bottle with an tea (or fruit) infuser built in. I like this model because the infuser is in the bottom, so the flavor continues to be added into the water even until you’re at the end. I might have to be my own Secret Santa on this one!

An awesome stocking stuffer for anyone who does anything in a kitchen is (you’re gonna think I’m crazy but I swear by this) funnel! Under $5 bucks and it’s even Christmas tree green. If you’ve ever poured one thing into another, you’ve spilled on the counter so you know how handy this could be. Heck buy one for yourself and sign it from Dancer!

There’s one product that’s essential to any household in my opinion and makes a sensational gift for anyone, the humble clothes pin! You don’t have to hang laundry on the clothes line out back (like my cousin Mike does!) but for closing and clipping stuff! How do you close bags of cereal or chips or dog treats or vegetable bags without them? Full disclosure I have given these as housewarming gifts before and received “Is this what Martha is seriously giving me?” looks but I’m begging you! All I am saying is give clothes pins a chance! Order this 50-pack for $6.33. I promise your aunt/co-worker/ cousin Mike will use them!


Once your child outgrows trucks, Legos and Hello Kitty, they’re hard to shop for! RetailMeNot surveyed actual teens and discovered an #80s inspired gift teens want…a turntable! As in you spin me right round like a record.

I spoke to 16-year old Michaela on iHeart 80s @ 103-7 and she confided if she got a vinyl album by an 80s artist she’d choose Duran Duran. Smart girl! If you’re going to turn your kid onto LPs, why not include one of the 80s best, the Duran Duran’s classic Rio.You could go for this 2014 reissue limited edition double vinyl, or try your luck getting an original 1982 album from a seller like eBay!

Personalizing their rooms is a priority for most teens and I’ve never met a one (or adult for that matter!) who can resist string lighting! These are battery operated and can bend around anything to add sparkle to your teen’s room. Or the kitchen if you live in my house!


If you have a Californian like me in your life, we all face the possibility of power outages. From my last power outage (where I could stay in my house I wasn’t evacuated) I figured out the bare minimum essentials for my house without power, and share this set as a gift for surfin’ Santa to deliver.

As I mentioned above any coffee fanatic in your life needs coffee first, then can solve problems later. The Laird (yup, surf legend Laird Hamilton) Superfood Instafuel is ideal because it’s coffee and creamer all together, perfect to have on hand for coffee emergencies like power outages.

The next item in my Bare Minimum Emergency Kit is a lantern. As soon as we lost power because of the fire danger here in California we had lanterns on hand to light the house immediately. The one shown is the Streamlight with adjustable light levels. A stash of AA- powered LED Lanterns are great to keep in bedrooms and bathrooms. 4 for 21.99 is an excellent deal.

Having a gas stove is a plus during power outages, as long as you can light the pilot light! Rudolf knows all about things that light up so he recommends this Bic Multipurpose Lighter to have on hand.

The other thing you want on hand is non-perishable food you can cook, like canned beans or soup, but you need to be able to open the cans! Your SOS kit recipient will be very happy if Prancer thinks of this to include in the kit!

If this has you thinking hmmm what about an actual Emergency Kit Martha? Red Cross has put together this one, plus others you can choose from. I’m telling you the California Girls (and boys) in your life will appreciate this. In many cases they haven’t gotten it together to get one and will be ecstatic you got it for them!


Do you your kids encourage you to adopt a greener lifestyle? My son turned our whole family vegan, and my daughter put the Zero Waste lifestyle on my radar.

If you want to give a Zero Waste gift, you can put together a set of Not-paper towels. Fancy Cloth Towels are sold on various eco websites (one sells 24 for $54.00) but Mrs. Claus swears these cotton auto mechanic rags (50 for $14.75!) dry hands, wipe down counters, do any job you’d use a paper towel for just fine! Gift them in the vase you’ve had stashed in the back of your cupboard for years and you’re a Zero Waste planet saver!

You know how you throw out an empty plastic toothpaste tube every month or two? It’s estimated that 400 million toothpaste tubes are tossed out every year in the US alone. It’s hard to imagine what that would even look like in reality. Here’s a fix, toothpaste tablets that come in compostable bags. Your eco-conscious child or friend will love this stocking stuffer!


Do you know someone who’s over-worked and frazzled? Oh wait that’s pretty much everybody. I mean who isn’t over-worked and frazzled?? A crossword puzzle book is a perfect one-size fits all gift. You could get easier ones for your kids, after all between school and activities they’ve probably got full plates too! Crosswords help reduce screen time, and are a great way for anybody to get lost in the zone which reduces stress. You’ll wrap more than a book, you’ll be giving a way to keep your loved one’s brain sharp, focus on a meditative activity and have fun. My daughter Annabelle and I have this one we do together!

This 2019 Martha Quinn’s Totally Awesome Gift List started with the 80s and now ends with a totally tubular gift from the greatest decade ever. How about something the music fan in your life is gonna love so much they’re gonna take it! A personalized message from Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider!

Last but not least if the idea of chillaxing with a book, cracking open a wine cooler and getting lost in the 80s sounds like a Totally Awesome evening, how about putting this literary classic under your tree, VJ: The Unplugged Adventures Of MTV’s First Wave by Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter and Martha Quinn, along with Gavin Edwards and dedicated to the memory of JJ Jackson.


Thank you for checking out my Martha Quinn’s Totally Awesome Gift Guide 2019! I hope your holiday brings you and those in your world tidings of great joy. Oh and…I love you!

Group Hug!


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