Jon Bon Jovi says he Misses Richie Sambora

For the first time since they parted ways in 2013, Bon Jovi frontman Jon Bon Jovi has admitted he misses having Richie Sambora in the band.

Bon Jovi, who made the surprising revelation during an interview with Pollstar, says performing without the guitarist for the last six years left him with "one arm tied behind my back." However, he adds Sambora's "issues" made continuing without his former writing partner necessary. "The name of the band is Bon Jovi; it’s not anything else," Bon Jovi says. "This isn’t a band that is dependent on the guitar player like Van Halen or U2 or something. It was about the songs and it was about me. We got it. I wish he was here, too, because we were a formidable duo. Our voices were the magic and he’s a great guy and all that kind of stuff but his choices have led him astray."

Bon Jovi didn't elaborate on Sambora's "choices." However, Sambora has said he decided to quit because of the band's excessive touring schedule.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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