Wellness Shot: Self-Care Practices You Should Make Time For

Everyone is busy, especially this time of year, but it’s essential to take care of yourself so that you can continue to take care of others, perform well at work and keep yourself happy and healthy. 

In order to achieve such feats these self-care practices are a must: do something you love. Among the things we have to do, doing something we love puts us in a better mood, even for 10 minutes a day. 

Spending time with your favorite people or pets for lunch or quality time. Sharing lunch together instead of eating alone at your desk, which isn’t good for your mind or body, allows you to enjoy the food and the downtime. 

Eat something delicious, this doesn’t mean eat cake everyday but indulge in foods or beverages that make you feel good every now and then. Instead of rushing through your shower, take a long hot bath so you can relax and soak overused or sore muscles.

Finally getting a good night’s sleep and exercising is essential for a good mind, body, and spirit. Even taking a leisurely walk is beneficial. I myself like to do crossword puzzles on a daily basis!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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