Queen Icon Freddie Mercury's Holiday Traditions Revealed

It's no secret that Queen front man Freddie Mercury loved a good time and according to some of his closest friends Christmas was the perfect opportunity to celebrate.

Mercury's close friend, Peter Freestone, told Channel 5 that Mercury would invite all of his friends to celebrate the holidays but made sure to extend an invite to those who he knew had no family.  Freestone said "It became tradition that those without family would always spend the holidays at Mercury's Garden Lodge mansion."

What kind of gifts did Freddie give for the holidays?  According to Channel 5, Mercury was known to hand out Christmas crackers to party attendees.  Once cracked, guests would find gifts from Tiffany's stuffed inside.

But what do you get a man like Mercury who had the wealth to buy anything he wanted?  "The trick was to find something with a cat on it.", Freestone revealed.  Mercury loved cats and made sure that his own pets had Christmas stockings stuffed with treats for the holidays.

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