Flashback: Crash Course Of The 80's Via Quiet Riot

If you’re drawn to the awesomeness of 80s music but weren’t actually around in the decade of awesome here’s an 80s crash course, Quiet Riot’s video for Cum On Feel The Noize! All the essentials from the rad years are here for you to study: Tight zebra-striped pants and leather-studded cuff bracelets worn by singer Kevin Dubrow, bass player Rudy Sarzo’s epic playing and hair-sprayed mullet, drummer Frankie Banali pounding the drums like a rock star, plus Carlos Cavazo’s blazing guitar solo in red-leather pants! 

This is one of the many cover songs that prove my theory that covers are infused with a love for the original (in this case done by British band Slade) that creates pure wild, wild, wild joy.