Matrix 4 With Keanu Reeves Filming In San Francisco?

Have you spotted Keanu Reeves in the Bay Area??

There's a "major" film under the name "Project Ice Cream" that is set to began filming in San Francisco in February and it's rumored to be the Matrix 4.'

Trade publication Production Weekly reports that "Project Ice Cream" is actually code for 'Matrix 4.'

This may not come as a surprise since previous scenes of the movie were filmed in Oakland and Alameda. Let us not forget that Keanu was spotted eating ice cream in Alameda earlier his month.

Anyone interested in becoming an extra on “Project Ice Cream” can create a profile online to apply.

You must be available to work a full day, which Dwyer Casting says can range from 12 hours or longer per day.

According to the casting flyer, extras will be paid $124.72 for 8 hours.

Filming will take place between February 5 and March 1

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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