Wellness Shot: Martha's Favorite Last Minute Meal To Make

Every morning around 6:40 I bring you my 'Wellness Shot' it's a bit of health info that you might be able to use.

I often hear in my house "Mom there's nothing to eat." Do you?? I often turn to canned foods!

With all the hype around eating organic, whole foods, and visiting your local farmer’s market - one would wonder if canned goods are healthy.

According to a Dietician, there are some healthy canned goods.

Not only are they healthy, but canned goods have a longer shelf life, cuts down on cutting time, and are less expensive.  

So what are the seven canned goods you should always keep on hand? 

Pumpkin Puree-You can add to smoothies and even chili

Chickpeas-You can roast them as a snack or make hummus out of them. I add them to soups and salads because they have a ton of fiber and protein.

Canned Tomatoes-You can add this to pasta, chili or salsa.

Coconut Milk-You can add this to coffee, oatmeal or curry sauce.

Even though it's not canned I would add oatmeal and blueberries to this list! I eat this ALL the time!

If you get canned foods just make sure that you grab the low sodium or no-salt-added version.

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