The Influence Of Madness To The MTV Generation

The band Madness coming to the Bay! You might have heard me say the music of Madness is a direct hit to the heart of the MTV Generation. 

If you watched me play videos in the early 80s, remember the MTV commercial that started with the legendary “Hey you! Don’t watch that, watch this!” That famous line is from the band Madness' video One Step Beyond! Check out the commercial then the song below. If you were skipping your homework to watch the videos in the 80s you’ll remember both immediately, and if you’re a newer 80s fan this is a great glimpse into the creativity and joyousness that was going on with the world’s first-ever music television channel! 

Madness is playing the Masonic with another band that put MTV on the map The English Beat! Their May 27th show sold out so fast they added another show due to popular demand the next night May 28th! Welcome to the Bay Madness and English Beat!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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