Wellness Shot: Score For Guacamole

Score for guacamole! This Sunday is a super day for avocado consumption, the makers of Wholly Guacamole say we’ll chow down on over 100 million pounds of avocados! But there is a hidden danger, resulting in something known in Emergency rooms across the country as “avocado hand."

There were approximately 8,900 visits to the ER in 2018 due to injuries directly tied to slicing avocados.

You know how this goes, you hold the avocado in your hand and slice it down towards your thumb or palm. Holding the avocado this way, including when you use a sharp knife to grab the pit, can increase your chances of knife injuries on your hand.

  • Healthline.com says always put your avocado on a cutting board, not in your hand. Place a towel under the cutting board to help keep it secure on your counter top.
  • Use a spoon to remove the pit instead of a knife.

If you do slice your hand, click here to learn how to tell if you need to head to the emergency room, plus find home treatments. Go Niners!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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