Wellness Shot: Talking To Kids About Coronavirus

If you have kids they’re probably home from school right now. That’s disruptive to their schedule plus there’s a lot of scary news and images in the media. Here’s how help your children handle coronavirus stress:

  1. Give your kids information that is honest and accurate and appropriate for their age. The CDC suggests phrases like, “scientists and doctors think that most people will be OK especially kids but some people might get pretty sick.”
  2. Consider cutting back on the amount of screen time they’re seeing focused on the coronavirus. Too much information on one topic can create anxiety for your kids.
  3. Remember your kids react to both what you say and how you say it so remain calm and reassuring. One way you can stay calm is you too can cut back on media. Do some activities you enjoy. Pop on the Neverending Story show your kids what good 80s movies are all about!

With the Bay Area Shelter In Place mandate, schools here and across the country are closed to flatten the curve of the coronavirus. You might be wondering, what’s the best thing to do for your kids at home?

The CDC recommends creating a schedule for their day including exercise time, break time and learning time!

Your school most likely set up online lessons. Additionally, the Khan Academy on YouTube put together complete age-appropriate schedules with links to lessons included, going from Preschool to 12th grade. Podcasts, stories, music activities, even AP classes for your high school kids. This is a great resource to have on hand even when the Shelter-In-Place is lifted. When my kids were taking calculus I certainly couldn’t help them with any homework but I could say, “Check the Khan Academy!”

To further support families, many schools are offering free meals to kids. Here’s a complete list!

Be well, stay safe, and keep rocking with us! If you have a song you want to hear, call me at 1-866-900-1037. These five words I swear to you…I’ll be there for you! (bonus points what song am I quoting?) xoxo Martha

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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