Easy Steps To Make Your Own Face Masks

Now that city officials are advising people to wear a mask when outside, here are simple instructions so that you can make your own mask at home thanks to our friends at KRON 4:

The materials you will need are a tightly woven or non-woven machine washable fabric, material for inner lining, a 1/4-inch of elastic and a large paperclip.

Below are instructions from Inside Edition’s Deborah Norville.


** Click here for template

  • Using template, cut two pieces of fabric – 9″ x 7″
  • Cut one piece of 9″ x 7″ inner lining
  • Cut two 5 & 1/2″ pieces of elastic
  • Lay the fabric right side together with inner lining on top
  • Stitch 1/4″ seam across the top 9″ side
  • Flip and bring wrong sides together. Open paper clip and place in center “pocket” as indicated on the template
  • Stitch pocket around paperclip
  • Return to wrong sides sides together
  • Place end of one piece of elastic on side below top seam, place other end at lower edge, allowing for 1/4″ seam
  • Stitch in place, stitching about 1″ around lower edge
  • REPEAT for other side. Clip corners and turn
  • Stitch lower edge closed
  • Using template, make three 1″ pleats across mask. Be sure pleats are directed down
  • Pin and stitch pleats 1/4″ from edge
  • Stitch a second time, with stitching at edge of mask

This mask can be washed and reused.

For the visual learners, you can find videos embedded below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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