Wellness Shot: You Don't Need To Obsessively Disinfect Groceries

Shopping for essentials has presented its challenges lately during the pandemic but experts in infectious disease, virology and food safety tell NPR News that one tip floating around isn't necessary.

The experts say you don't need to obsessively disinfect your groceries because the chance of catching Coronavirus from touching a food package and then your face "is small."  The best thing you can do to avoid contamination from groceries is to wash your hands after shopping and then AGAIN after you put your groceries away.

If you really wanna stay safe while shopping, the experts say you should:

  • cover your face to avoid spreading respiratory droplets
  • sanitize your cart or basket
  • shop alone and avoid crowded stores
  • stay six feet away from others in the store get in and out as soon as possible

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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