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How To Keep Your Face Mask From Fogging Up Your Glasses

Starting today, April 22 2020, face coverings are needed in San Francisco as well as Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, and San Mateo counties when you go out. Sonoma County is already in on this, plus the cities of Fremont and Pleasant Hill.

This can be a problem if you wear glasses, you might find yourself staring at the world through cloudy fogged-up lenses!

First of all, why does this happen? Experts say:

“The misting occurs from the warm water vapor content condensing on the cooler surface of the lens, and forming tiny droplets… because of the inherent surface tension between the water molecules.”

That’s about as clear as a foggy lens! What do we do about it? There’s an easy fix!

Wash your glasses with a little bit of soapy water just before putting on your face mask, it actually reduces that surface tension allowing your glasses to remain clearer.

You can also put a tissue folded inside your mask at the top to catch the moisture. You could also pick up one that conforms better to your face.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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