Wellness Shot: How To Fast-Track Your Meditation

A friend of ours who listens in the morning down in Texas, Matthew, gave me a great tip on how to fast-track your meditation skills. I hear all the time in health and wellness circles about how mindfulness and meditation can reduce stress and help your mental health, but actually meditating is a skill in itself! Matthew called to shout out the Balance app, saying it’s helped him stay positive during this Shelter In Place time! I checked it out the website says they "break meditation down into  concrete, trainable skills” which sounds good to me! Matthew says the more you practice the better you feel.

If you have a technique that’s helping you and your family through COVID-19, call to share it! 1-866-900-1037 I answer calls Monday - Friday from 6-10am PT. Unless I’m getting coffee lol!

Thank you for the recommendation Matthew! Group Hug!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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