How Is Stevie Nicks Getting Through The Isolation Of Quarantine?

Fortunately for Stevie Nicks, the world's lockdown to fight the further spread of coronavirus across the planet hasn't affected her too terribly.

The Fleetwood Mac singer had already planned to take 2020 off from touring, so she's hunkered down at home with some friends and her dog.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Nicks admits she stays up until 7 am, then spends her afternoons binge-watching news and the medical drama New Amsterdam. She also reveals that she might start recording poetry pieces she's written over the last three decades.

In a message of hope to her fans, Nicks says, "We have to believe that this is gonna go away," adding, "You have to toe the line right now. That's what we all have to do if we want this to go away."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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