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Martha Quinn's Christopher Walken Mixtape

Mixtapes turn your 80s music listening experience up to 11!

Every morning at 7:30 (and afternoon at 5:30) on our all-80s music radio station iHeart 80s @ 103-7 you hear mixtapes, 3 songs played together that share something in common. These mixtapes are created by you! It’s amazing the details you notice about 80s songs, and the concepts you create! 

Last week one of the mixtapes I played was by Georgia in South San Francisco. She sent in 3 80s songs with “know” in the title (Foreigner’s I Want to Know What Love Is, Whitney Houston’s How Will I Know, They Don’t Know by Tracy Ullman) to 

Today (Tuesday) I’m playing a mixtape Charles in Hayward calls “A Christopher Walken Mixtape-they all have more cowbell! This is a hilarious and fantastic tribute to one of the funniest Saturday Night Live skits ever, when Blue Oyster Cult was “recording” Don’t Fear The Reaper with producer “Bruce Dickenson” played by Christopher Walken (I’m sure Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson cracked up when he saw this, and later actually did work with BOC)

Will Ferrell created a character about a cowbell player “Gene Frenkle” and one of the most legendary SNL moments happened April 8, 2000 with cast members Chris Kattan, Chris Parnell, Horatio Sanz and Jimmy Fallon. 

To get ready for Charles’ More Cowbell mixtape, enjoy the sketch! If you would like to make a mixtape (3 songs in a theme) for me to play, send your ideas in here!

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