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How To Prepare Your Dog For The End Of Quarantine

Thanks to our friends at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue for this great advice!

You have been spending almost all your time with your dog, and your dog loves that and loves your new routine.

When you disrupt both of those things, they almost certainly will be confused or anxious, at least a little, when you leave.

For some dogs, this distress is mild, and for others, it can feel like the end of the world. In fact, your dog may even try to let you know how upset or scared they are by barking, howling, scratching, or chewing their way through the door to come and find you.

Here's how you can ease your fur babies transition back to being home alone:

  1. Start with tiny separations. Leave the room and closed the door behind you for just a second. If that goes well slowly increase the time spent behind a closed door.
  2. When step 1 goes well, leave the house for a very short time then slowly increase your time out of the house. Be careful not to make a big deal when walking back in. Make it boring for your dog.
  3. Neutralize the 'I'm leaving' clues. If your dog knows that when you pick up your keys you are going out, then pick them back up and keep putting them back down so it doesn't trigger a sign that you are leaving.

For more great tips check out Muttville's link below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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