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Tips From The CDC To Help Your Family Cope During These Times

Encourage your kids to share their thoughts and ask you any questions they may have.

Talk to them about their safety Reassure them that you have their back to make sure they’re not in any unsafe situations, that our city leaders are working overtime to keep everybody safe as well

Be aware of their media exposure. The Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA says when Little kids see replays of a traumatic event, a window being smashed, they can think it’s actually happening over and over.

Some kids may become preoccupied with an event and ask you about it over and over. This is normal

Personal contact, like hugs, go a long way in reassuring kids.

Mom and Dad definitely check out all the tips for talking with kids about tough times. Our kids have had to deal with a lot in the Bay between the fires and the coronavirus, so these are good tools to have in your parenting kit no matter what!

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