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Science Proves Why 80s Fans Are Awesome

I’m reading articles in “science of nostalgia “ search results and this one from Bustle says connecting to memories from past makes you feel more positive, optimistic.

The evolutionary purpose of nostalgia is pretty complex. Researchers told The New York Times in 2013 that powerful nostalgic memories can help us cope with transition in our lives, give us comfort, and help our sense of identity.

Here are 7 ways Nostalgia is good for your brain according to Bustle:

  1. It Combines Your Memory And Reward System
  2. It Makes You More Optimistic
  3. It Makes You Feel Warmer
  4. It's Related To Your Capacity For Sadness
  5. It Blocks Negative Emotion
  6. It Can Shift Your Habits

Check out another article I found about 'nostalgia' below!!

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