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Doing These Things In Your Kitchen May Be Costing You Money

Money Monday!

Want to have an easier time paying your bills? Stop doing these things in your kitchen!

Over-filling or under-filling your fridge

Did you know there’s an optimal amount of food to keep in your fridge? If the fridge is too full, you might accidentally block vents, which forces the appliance to work harder. On the other hand, since the already-cold items help keep everything else cold, if your fridge isn’t full enough, it will use up more energy to cool itself off every time you open the fridge door. The solution: Aim to keep your fridge (and freezer) about 75 percent full at all times. 

Running your dishwasher when it’s not full 

This is a huge waste of water and energy. When you have just a few dishes to clean, hand-wash them or put it in the dishwasher but wait to run it until it’s full. To save extra money, switch off the heat-dry feature and let your dishes air dry instead. 

Not properly sealing food

If you want your bags of chips or cereal to last without getting stale, don’t just roll the top of the bag closed. Your food will stay fresher longer if you clip the bag closed. Pro tip: use clothes pins! Here’s 50 you can buy for $7.09!

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