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Tips On Picking The Perfect Watermelon

There is nothing better than a sweet, juicy watermelon but figuring out which watermelon to buy at the store is a mysterious process! You can ask the person working in the produce department, or play the watermelons like you’re Sheila E playing the congas but do you have a guaranteed method for the best watermelon selection? I found these watermelon features to look for that may help!

Look for:

A creamy yellow spot on the bottom. This means the melon was allowed to lie on the ground and ripen in the sun before it was picked. 

Brown webbing, harder than the skin almost feels like cork. This is a sign of sweetness

Adried stem. One that’s fresh or green most likely means it was picked too soon and will be bland. If the watermelon doesn't have a stem, just check the ends. One of them should have a dark spot where the stem was. If this spot is still light, it’s not ripe!

Do you have a way you use to pick out a watermelon? Please let me know! 

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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