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How You Can Make Your Body Strong To Handle The Coronavirus

Check out this report Kron4News did, explaining how what you eat can play a part in determining your immune response should your body become infected with the COVID virus!

Kron 4 News did a segment last week saying people who have diseases linked to diet, like cardiovascular disease and diabetes have an increased chance in becoming severely ill in the event they should have COVID-19.

They followed that up this past Sunday with a look at how if you have saturated fat in your muscles, like marbling in a steak, that can put you in the category of having a rougher reaction to the virus. What causes this type of fat? Eating meat, dairy and cheese is correlated with intramuscular fat. Kron4’s health expert Karen Owoc recommends lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

The takeaway from KRON4 NEWS: A whole-food, plant-based diet helps lower your risk for underlying medical conditions, which will also improve your survival rate if you contract COVID-19.

If you go to the market today stock up on oats, beans, berries, yams, and nuts! If you’d like to get started making easy plant-based recipes the video below by Cheap Lazy Vegan (lol!) has lots of great information 

Thanks to Karen Owoc for this excellent explanation of how blood sugar and inflammation can affect our body’s immune response to the coronavirus! If you find articles related to health you find interesting, please send them along to me! 

Side-by-side we’re gathered here to get through this thing called life!

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