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How to Prepare Your Kids For Distance Learning According To Teachers

What You Should Be Doing Right Now To Get Your Kids Ready For The Distance-learning School Year, According To Teachers

1. Create a work schedule for kids to keep

2. Try to designate a space in your home that’s just for learning, free of distractions 

3. Make sure you sign up for SchoolMessenger or whatever notification system your school uses. The teachers most likely are using that to communicate expectations, instructions, and feedback to you. Make sure your kids get in the habit of checking their emails too

4. Have your kids practice their multiplication facts!!

Many thanks @MrAlgebraNelson, @robbyburns, @working4utopia, @mrodger1966, @mvgrey, @dseale115 and all the awesome educators who helped me on Twitter assemble these tips for parents to set the stage for a successful learning experience for their children. 

Every day on The Martha Quinn Show on iHeart 80s @ 103.7 is Teacher Appreciation Day. Whenever I see bridges, sky scrapers or medical advancements I think to myself you know who did this? TEACHERS! #teachersROCK

And to the students grappling with nouns, predicates, fractions, parabolas, magna cartas, organic and inorganic most definitely rock too!! 

To see all the pro-tips suggested to me on Twitter, including a fun video about remote learning to watch with your kids (thank you @brettschieber) see below! 

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