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Steph Curry Launching Celebrity Book Club

Stephen Curry is getting into the book club world.

Steph, Malala Yousafzai, Sir Richard Branson and Susan Orlean are teaming up with literary startup Literati to each curate a list of books for individual book clubs.

The book club will launch in October and users will pay $24.95 a month to receive a print copy of their curator's pick of the month.

“I’m excited to launch a book club that aims to highlight the journeys and triumphs from storytellers who have too long been overlooked,” Curry said in a press release on Wednesday. According to the release, his club, titled “Underrated,” will specifically explore stories of people who break barriers.

He added, “I’ve been intentional and really thoughtful about my picks to ensure the club is inclusive of diverse perspectives from women, people of color, and other underrated voices.”

Yousafzai’s club, “Fearless,” will also incorporate works of more unknown writers, while Branson’s will focus more on adventure and advice stories.

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