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How To Protect Yourself From Wildfire Smoke

Evacuations are continuing in the Bay Area, a Spare The Air alert is in effect through Sunday due to the smoke from the wildfires causing unhealthy air quality. Some areas in the Bay have had the worst air quality in the world due to the fires. You might wonder if the masks you’re wearing for COVID safety help you with the smoke?

Wildfire smoke can cause all kinds of health problems ranging from burning eyes to irritating your respiratory system and aggravating existing heart and lung conditions like asthma. Kids are at risk because their airways are still developing, and they breathe more air per pound than we adults do.

Do your cloth masks help with wildfire smoke? Unfortunately, not really. The harmful particles in wildfire smoke are too small, the best way to filter those out is an N95 mask. Being that we are in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic, you need a NON-valved N95 mask to do the best job of protecting you from the smoke, while protecting others in case you might be carrying the coronavirus. 

If you can, stay inside with the windows and doors closed. Run your air conditioner but keep the intake valve CLOSED to keep the smoke from getting into your house.

Officials in San Francisco are advising diners to stay home!

For information from the CDC CLICK HERE!

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