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Cal Fire's Tips To Prevent New Wildfires

What can we do to help with the wildfires?

Here in the bay area the 3 areas of fires we’re seeing have been caused by the approximately 12,000 LIGHTNING STRIKES we got hit with just last week. 

Now there’s a red flag warning in the Bay area going down through the central coast, down into Monterey, lasting thru 5:00 today. Monday August 24. If you’re new to the Bay this means there’s an increased risk of fire danger. 

Part of what’s increasing our risk is, because this is 2020, we’re dealing with a hurricane! Hurricane Genevieve is coming up the coast with tropical moisture. When it hits our hot temperatures dry lightning thunderstorms can be created.

In yesterday’s briefing Cal Fire asked us to do our part to prevent sparking new wildfires.

Avoid using powered equipment, even lawn mowers, to cut dry grass. Metal blades hitting rocks can cause sparks and start fires. 

Make sure there’s nothing dragging from your car or truck, even trailer chains, when you’re driving

Keep your tires are inflated, driving on exposed wheel rims can cause sparks 

Never pull over in dry grass. Hot exhaust pipes and mufflers can start fires that you might not even see—until it’s too late!

If you’re a paramedic, firefighter, nurse, doctor, evacuation center staffer, anyone on the front lines helping with the fires, thank you!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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