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Safety Tips To Remember When Returning Home After A Fire

Did you have to leave your home during the wildfires in the Bay? Many evacuation orders have been lifted, for example in the Healdsburg area due to the progress that’s been made in the Waldbridge fire. If you’re now able to go back to your property remember just because you are allowed to return doesn’t mean your home is necessarily danger-free.

Keep in mind these safety tips:

Wear heavy-soled shoes or boots, long pants and sleeves, rubber gloves and dust mask. You could run into hot embers, shattered glass, or bits of sharp metal

STAY CLEAR of any electrical wires on the ground. If there are downed electrical wires on your property contact your local utility

Check your roof and areas around the outside your house for any kind of structural damage and smoldering debris

Smell for gas before entering your house. If you smell any gas, turn off the supply at the tank or outside valve and contact your gas company.

Inside your home check for broken objects and embers. Take pictures and videos of any damage.

Thank you ABC7 for this video with safety tips on how to return to your home safely!

For lots more information on how to keep your family safe in the event of a wildfire, spend some time on the Ready for Wildfire website CLICK HERE!

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