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Tips To Get Your Kids Ready In The Morning For A Productive Day

What parents and caregivers need to know to get kids ready in the morning for a productive day of distance learning, straight from the experts: educators! 

Cabrillo Elementary School in the Fremont Unified School District says taking these steps will help your child be successful in school this year. 

1. Get your kids up in time to eat a healthy breakfast, get dressed, and be ready to go when their class starts in the morning

2. Parents, make sure your child’s school has your correct email address. Otherwise you could miss out on important information like schedules, links to learning platforms and log-in information

3. Give your kids brain breaks between the live interactions with their teacher. Many teachers are scheduling breaks for children to log off and get some healthy food or exercise. Think recess and lunch in your house!

Thank you to Cabrillo Elementary School’s Principal Thornley!

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