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How To Know If You Are At Risk For Colon Cancer

Black panther star Chadwick Boseman died of colon cancer recently, he was 43 years old. 

If you’ve been wondering, “What’s the deal with colon cancer, am I at risk?” Kron4news shared great information to answer that question, and tell you how you can reduce your odds of a colon cancer diagnosis

If someone in your family has had colon cancer, you’re in a higher risk group. African Americans have the highest incidence of this type of cancer. But these are greater probabilities, anyone can be diagnosed with colon cancer, Sharon Osbourne discovered she had it when she was 49 years old.

#1 Your top defense against colon cancer is early detection. Talk to your doctor about a screening

#2 Eat less animal fat. The chemicals your body releases in order to digest animal fats have been shown to be cancer causing

#3 Exercise more! Stop Colon Cancer Now says adults who increase their physical activity can reduce their risk of developing colon cancer by 30 to 40 percent.

Click below for more colon cancer prevention tips from Karen Owoc of Kron4News and see actor Will Smith’s colonoscopy journey!

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